New Year, New Blog.

2014: the year I (finally) create this little blog and stop being hesitant or afraid. It’s funny how something as straight-forward as starting a blog has caused so much internal drama and angst for me. I’ve spent the last several MONTHS deliberating over what this blog might look like, what kinds of posts I’d write, what topics I’d cover, whether I should start all over the place with themes or start with a narrow focus, what topics might readers respond to, how would I even know they are responding – and at that positively, would this blog evolve into being primarily shopping tips and product curation so that I could convert this blog into a revenue channel one day and would that feel inauthentic, do I need to integrate my Instagram content with my blog, WHY and HOW are there so many fashion blogs filled with young pretty women and HOW can they afford so many things, and will anyone even read my blog if I don’t post pretty pictures of my outfits on rooftops and sidewalks?

Right around the time that I was getting tired of my downward spiral, some Facebook friends shared links to this old article from 2012. I read half, decided I didn’t relate to most of its message, and clicked on a link bait about Bikini Bodies or something; but then luckily one friend shared a quote from the article that hit me hard:

“It’s incredibly comforting to know that if you never create anything in your life, then no one can attack you for the thing you created.”

That, in a nutshell, explains why I first created this blog in early November and it’s now January 7, 2014. So I’ve decided to take the advice of my sage friends Bing and Kimberly and just start writing – I’ll find my voice and my future readers will inform me of the rest.

Side note, which I find funny: I set out to write my very first post this morning, and then I BROKE MY BLOG. I tried moving my sub-root directory; the support forum told me, “You will get an error message, and your blog will look like it can’t be found. Don’t worry, it’s fine.” By step 3, the blog was gone. So I had to start the whole blog over today – so for those few of you keeping track, YES I technically started this blog in 2014.


This is Daruma – in Japanese culture, giving a Daruma doll is a gesture of well wishes and good luck. The red ones, as far as I’ve been told, specifically mean “Good luck with your new venture.” And so, and 2014, begin. Hello, world!