Marriage Equality + Pride: Decorating with Chic Rainbows!

If your Facebook feed looks anything like mine, every single post is celebrating the momentous Supreme Court decision that everyone in the United States deserves marriage equality!!

San Francisco's City Hall, all lit up for Pride. Photo by Joe Parks from 2013!

San Francisco’s City Hall, all lit up for Pride. This photo is by Joe Parks!

Earlier today I ran to my computer to find adorable rainbow-y gay decor to celebrate (because otherwise I have been removing basically all color to achieve a mostly-black-and-some-white aesthetic in the living room) – and that’s when I realized that it isn’t that straight-forward (lol… straight-gay pun… #seewhatididthere) to find ways to decorate with a rainbow in your home without it looking like a literal Gay Pride flag.

And so: whether you’re looking for a bright colorful accent in your home but can’t pick just ONE color, or you’re wanting to find Pride-themed decor that’s more chic than a plain old rainbow, here are a few options:


The “Rainbow” rug by Sonya Winner – I love the pattern.

One of my favorite ways to add a punch of color to a room is by putting down a bold rug. Sonya Winner makes amazingly saturated, geometric rugs that utilize the colors of the rainbow without being super literal. I also love that a couple of her rugs adhere to no rules and are just really rad shapes, like these:

Sonya Winner rug - Prism Sonya Winner rug - Vortex


For a low-commitment way to add a rainbow to your space (especially useful if you like to change your decorations based on the holiday), pillows are an affordable, easy-to-store option. I tend to like geometric patterns for the colors to scatter, like this pillow on Etsy:

Etsy Pillow

Or, you could always fully commit to the cause and arrange a bunch of solid-colored pillows into a rainbow: 

Alternatively, I quite like this Tangram-esque duvet+sham set, which also has a bit of a midcentury modern vibe by having excluded purple:Tangram Duvet Cover


Maybe the most obvious way to outfit your home with a rainbow that still feels sophisticated and chic is to put it on your walls as art. One of my favorite contemporary California artists is Raul de la Torre in Los Angeles. His large, abstract multimedia pieces are beautifully textural, combining thick applications of paint and THREAD which he embroiders through the canvas! Many of his pieces are super colorful, and would add color and visual interest to even the most strictly “neutral” interiors.

Raul de la Torre art


If you wanted to take your rainbow decor outside, rather than just simply hang the flag, you could get huge flags and drape them from your bay windows like awnings, which my friends at The Powerhouse did for this month:

(Not to mention that the entire building was recently repainted in the BDSM flag colors!!)

(Not to mention that the entire building was recently repainted in the BDSM flag colors!!)

If you’re in San Francisco or New York City, Happy Pride!!!!!!!!! May your entire world – from the insides of your home to every lamp post on the streets – be covered in vivid rainbow celebration all weekend!

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