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Me Viv Baker Beach

My little life and my home, Chez Noz, wouldn’t be the same if a certain Tiger Brindle French Bulldog named Vivienne weren’t the boss of the house.

Viv lives a leisurely, glamorous life, mostly sunbathing, occupying most of the space in bed and on the couch, and running along the beaches of San Francisco. She co-hosts parties at Chez Noz in strands of pearl necklaces, and otherwise is the best slumbering photo bomber in most living room photos.

Viv’s smooshy face has also appeared on the likes of the Today Show, CNBC, CNN, and Bloomberg TV, not to mention her thousands of views on YouTube, thanks to my having worked at Houzz – and to the fact that the world is obsessed with French Bulldogs lately.

Viv BW

How Viv got on national TV: during a Houzz B-roll video shoot in my black-walled SF home in 2012, I insisted Viv get a cameo in the bedroom B-roll. She did amazingly (better than the actual human actors, honestly) – owing to her uncanny ability to stay completely still in exactly the position you plop her, even upside down wedged between pillows.  And so, whenever we’ve had requests from national TV to provide B-roll that they can use during segments about Houzz, shots of my kitchen/living room/dining room get featured, and then the producers ALWAYS include the shot of Viv on my bed (!!!).

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